Lucky ~ Maybe just a word in someone’s life or maybe someone’s life reciprocate that word :):):)


Yes, this picture above says my current condition and it’s been a while since L in my life has been replaced by F. You know sometimes even when you try your best life doesn’t seem to be in your favor. Lucky, Maybe just a word in mine life or maybe someone’s life reciprocate that word. It’s not like i don’t want to believe in luck but more than luck i believed in destiny because in my life, nothing was a mere lucky occurrence. Life seems to be dwelling at every step with me and my luck always seems two steps away from me, that gap between me and what we say luck never seem to be filling. It’s just keep widening with time, more i try, further away i go from Luck. It’s not like that i am a negative person but when things don’t in your way, you start to lose your hope eventually. 


While i were browsing through different articles and pages, i came through this quote. I won’t say that i disagree with it but agreeing with it also is not what i choose. The day you decide to do or take actions about something which you want to change in life or want to bring a change will certainly make progress once you start taking actions. But luck has nothing to do with it. If it’s in your destiny, it will eventually happen. I never felt if i start doing something today, that’s going to be my lucky day or is there something called lucky day even exists? Maybe it might exist for people, but for me everyday is just another day of life and you have to act on what you want to change in life.


Above quote says it all for me. Never been lucky in my entire life and yes i do believe, whatever i got so far in my life wasn’t pure luck. I did deserve it, that’s the only reason i got things in life. Many people might not agree with this but when you did your best but still don’t get what you deserve, then you think about luck but luck, what’s that? In my life, there is no such thing like luck., either i deserved it or not, there is no mid way. 


Maybe above quote is also one of the reason that luck has never been at my side. I never felt myself lucky. I only believe in destiny, whatever is written in destiny, i will get it no matter what. I try my best to achieve things in life but if i were lucky, those trials must be converted into results fruiting as success. Maybe only reason such things don’t happen because i don’t believe in luck, neither i believe that i am lucky. I am just an ordinary person who’s luck has been postponed till death. :):)


 And yes above quote says it all. I don’t know how to react on this or what to write about it, but i still haven’t given up. Maybe reading this again and again will keep my hopes alive, maybe. Maybe it will bring some peace to my soul and give myself some calm which has been running away from me for the time being, maybe. Maybe i will be lucky when the right time comes, maybe. Maybe i can cherish all the moments of my life again as it might be nothing but luck, maybe. Maybe i have been driven into a corner of failures and rejections by God just to make me believe that there is no such thing as destiny without luck and both travel side by side to complete each other, maybe. Who knows! Maybe God is still watching from above and think what wrong i have done to make him think like that, maybe. Maybe God is just sitting within me and writing all this, maybe. Who knows! We are just dust particles in the form of human body and maybe having a human form is also what being called lucky. Maybe we expect too much from everything in life, maybe. Maybe life isn’t so bad the way we think, maybe. Maybe we all need little bit of hope and a leap of faith so that we could pass the tests he takes to find our endurance. Maybe, who knows! 

As someone once told me, toughest thing in this world to keep your hope alive when you’re broken and keeping away your smile when you’re happy. Maybe i need little bit of both before i depart. You know departures often happen when life is slipping away from you but i want to depart when life is just mine, calm and reciprocating with my soul. Till than, pray, hope and Amen. :):)