Forgotten Dreams

Somewhere between forgotten dreams,
where dust lies on the layers of memories,
memories sunk within the corners of our hearts,
yet floating around like a boat on a river,

Yesterday was a chaos of pain & screams,
audible in the silence of our destiny and fate,
whispers echoing in the empty vessels of the heart,
yet audible in the utmost noise of the mind,

Somewhere between promises and thousand lies,
beneath that scarred skin of truths and faiths,
words weaving like mattress of despair,
emotions touching the tired heart,

Breaths following the heartbeats,
in the moments of hastiness and chaosity,
soul clinging in time to her lips,
heart became forte to my steins gate,

While memories dwelling with the past,
emotions making peace with tomorrow,
a battle fought so hard without weapons,
all you could see was blood of souls,

desires of long lasting love in the depths of time,
just to hear those whispers and echoes once in a while,
walked a path never chosen, never feared,
stayed by it just to see the soul of love die,

counting the stars in the solitude of respiration,
consumed with darkness of love in loneliness,
night so beautiful that makes the pain go away,
still audible are those screams and cry,

Walking down that lonely road in the mountains,
remembering the days of joy and happiness,
sudden itching of lying down on the road of yesterday,
to feel everything once again in a second of today,

Waiting for tomorrow to laugh at yesterday,
while waiting today became clumsy as yesterday,
defying the truths of present just to save the yesterday,
losing the future in a hope of better tomorrow.

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Uncanny Dreams

Surrendered to your thoughts of love and memories,
in broad daylight or in a dark night,
often brings the solitude of desire and hope,
giving incarnation to dreams of chaos and fallacity,

As i walked the path of loneliness in my dreams,
sudden echoes of pain and madness connect to my ears,
causing the ears to go numb, dripping of blood,
that pain and madness just fades away,

when the heartbeats go down like my breaths,
almost on the verge of my life like a sinking ship,
your memories halt me like an anchor,
allowing me to come up again from dark bottoms,

music of your memories echoing in my heart,
playing like a lullaby to comfort my nights,
keeping me awake in the mournful days,
pushing me to my limits in scary nights,

as my eyes did the conversation with your smile,
it made my heartbeat pump with joy,
nothing as stupendous as that curve of yours,
made me mad as the time passes by,

waiting for everything to fall in place with time,
was just an illusion of my shattered dreams,
an illusion which didn’t have an ending,
neither it was memorable nor forgetful,

as i walked down the lanes of mysteries of her heart,
my decisions, my life became uncanny as her heart,
nothing could decipher the emotions it was carrying,
nothing could stop it to connect again,

while standing on a broken bridge,
i saw an angel on the other side,
slipping away from my eyes as silhouette,
defying the reality of my eyes from imagination,

lying down on the ice on a snowy mountain,
her images were passing like a winter storm,
as my body was getting numb, my blood got freezed,
her mysterious voice salvaged my life,