Escape the world

It’s high time when you should escape the world,

It’s high time when you should see your world,

It’s a long journey before you will quit,

It’s a hard fought tyranny before you lose,

It’s a never ending feeling drowned in love,

It’s a hard hitting reality into ocean abyss,

This world will go away savage as it ramps on desires,

But you need to find your ground before it reigns fire,

As it’s an imagination of overwhelming reality,

But in the end reality becomes imagination. 


धड़कनों का शोर :):):)

सीने में दिल है,
दिल में है धड़कने,
जिंदगी बस ये धड़कनों का शोर है,
जो मुझे खींचे तेरी ओर है।

राख से सन्नाटे में,
डूबा एक लिबास है,
वो बस एक एहसास है,
इश्क़ जैसे तेरे लिए बस एक रिवाज है।

फिर से सहमी सी एक आवाज है,
चीखती चिल्लाती जैसे धड़कनो का साज है,
हर आहट पे गूँजती हैं खामोशियाँ,
हर ज़ख्म पे टूट जाये ऐसे कुछ अल्फाज़ हैं,

रूठे हम बेहिसाब हैं,
जैसे खुद ही खुद से नाराज हैं,
इश्क़ है आइना अपना अक्स से महरूम सा,
खुद से खोके खुद को हम ढूंढते बदहवास हैं,

मंज़िल का पता नहीं,
रास्ते अपने जैसे घर की आवाज हैं,
मुसाफिर हैं हम तो जहान के,
बेखबर से जैसे अपने जज्बात हैं।

चल पड़े हैं फिर कहीं,
जैसे रूठी फिर एक आवाज है,
मनाना है शायद खुद को,
फिर साथ खुद के जज्बात हैं।

©blessedwithsins :):)

You weren’t there </3


All those pretty faces and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those pretty smiles and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those crazy nights and beautiful songs and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those weekend dates and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those pictures and memories and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those random conversations in the night and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those random musings and poetry and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those crazy mood swings and you weren’t there to hold me up, you know your life sucks that way.

All those journeys to random places and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those fucked up phases of life and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those nights where love could have all the emotions and you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those days where i didn’t smile because you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those strangers who smiled at me and i didn’t smile back because you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All those nights when i didn’t sleep because you weren’t there, you know your life sucks that way.

All this life and you aren’t here, you know your life sucks that way.


Lucky ~ Maybe just a word in someone’s life or maybe someone’s life reciprocate that word :):):)


Yes, this picture above says my current condition and it’s been a while since L in my life has been replaced by F. You know sometimes even when you try your best life doesn’t seem to be in your favor. Lucky, Maybe just a word in mine life or maybe someone’s life reciprocate that word. It’s not like i don’t want to believe in luck but more than luck i believed in destiny because in my life, nothing was a mere lucky occurrence. Life seems to be dwelling at every step with me and my luck always seems two steps away from me, that gap between me and what we say luck never seem to be filling. It’s just keep widening with time, more i try, further away i go from Luck. It’s not like that i am a negative person but when things don’t in your way, you start to lose your hope eventually. 


While i were browsing through different articles and pages, i came through this quote. I won’t say that i disagree with it but agreeing with it also is not what i choose. The day you decide to do or take actions about something which you want to change in life or want to bring a change will certainly make progress once you start taking actions. But luck has nothing to do with it. If it’s in your destiny, it will eventually happen. I never felt if i start doing something today, that’s going to be my lucky day or is there something called lucky day even exists? Maybe it might exist for people, but for me everyday is just another day of life and you have to act on what you want to change in life.


Above quote says it all for me. Never been lucky in my entire life and yes i do believe, whatever i got so far in my life wasn’t pure luck. I did deserve it, that’s the only reason i got things in life. Many people might not agree with this but when you did your best but still don’t get what you deserve, then you think about luck but luck, what’s that? In my life, there is no such thing like luck., either i deserved it or not, there is no mid way. 


Maybe above quote is also one of the reason that luck has never been at my side. I never felt myself lucky. I only believe in destiny, whatever is written in destiny, i will get it no matter what. I try my best to achieve things in life but if i were lucky, those trials must be converted into results fruiting as success. Maybe only reason such things don’t happen because i don’t believe in luck, neither i believe that i am lucky. I am just an ordinary person who’s luck has been postponed till death. :):)


 And yes above quote says it all. I don’t know how to react on this or what to write about it, but i still haven’t given up. Maybe reading this again and again will keep my hopes alive, maybe. Maybe it will bring some peace to my soul and give myself some calm which has been running away from me for the time being, maybe. Maybe i will be lucky when the right time comes, maybe. Maybe i can cherish all the moments of my life again as it might be nothing but luck, maybe. Maybe i have been driven into a corner of failures and rejections by God just to make me believe that there is no such thing as destiny without luck and both travel side by side to complete each other, maybe. Who knows! Maybe God is still watching from above and think what wrong i have done to make him think like that, maybe. Maybe God is just sitting within me and writing all this, maybe. Who knows! We are just dust particles in the form of human body and maybe having a human form is also what being called lucky. Maybe we expect too much from everything in life, maybe. Maybe life isn’t so bad the way we think, maybe. Maybe we all need little bit of hope and a leap of faith so that we could pass the tests he takes to find our endurance. Maybe, who knows! 

As someone once told me, toughest thing in this world to keep your hope alive when you’re broken and keeping away your smile when you’re happy. Maybe i need little bit of both before i depart. You know departures often happen when life is slipping away from you but i want to depart when life is just mine, calm and reciprocating with my soul. Till than, pray, hope and Amen. :):)


A journey from being called over weighted to inspiring :):):)


Yes, you’re absolutely right. I was or maybe i am still a person who is over weighted but you know it’s been a wonderful journey for me, while transforming from 103.5 kgs to whooping 84 kgs (as of Today). No, it didn’t happen over night and it wasn’t easy at all. You have to struggle all your way through the hardship, dedication and resistance. You have to eat in a right manner while you do hard work in gym or road work wherever you want to shred those extra kilos of your body. Excessive fat in body is never a good thing and i think i have realized it quite late but as they say, better late than never. 


1st step towards anything is always the toughest and same goes in case when you want to lose your weight. So, first you need to start jogging/running whatever you seem fit and this is the 1st step when you want to shred those extra kilos. You really need to work hard and let yourself sweat like a pig but in the end you will know, it’s worthy. Also, when you start cardio to reduce weight, try to hit on treadmill first as due to heavy weight road work might affect your knees, so do keep that part in check. Also, try to jog for not more than 40-45 minutes as it might effect your body strength physically in initial days. Increase your distance or time on weekly or fortnightly basis. 


2nd step towards weight loss is doing crunches on daily basis. I know it’s one of the toughest exercise but it’s one of the main core of your body which help you to reduce belly fat and allow you to find those great abs you always keep dreaming of. I started with 25 when i started my gym routine almost 6 months back from 4th April and it has been doubled since then. I haven’t change my cardio routine and do almost 40-45 minutes(5.6 kms) on daily basis so that i will reach to my target within time. You need to have a lot of patience when you start doing all those exercises because results might be quick in initial days but as you move on, it will take time and you might cling to same weight for 2 weeks to 2 months but just carry on. Do your regular stuff and 5 days a week is more than enough if you keep the right diet.


3rd and final step towards weight loss is doing squats. Squats will always be a tough exercise when you’re a over weighted person but don’t give up. You can always start with minimal numbers and do on alternate days or 2-3 days a week is good. But always remember, squats help you to strengthen your legs as well as helps in reducing belly fat. Also, do remember while shredding weights, more than exercise, diet is important and it’s always a combination of 60% diet and 40% exercise. You should avoid sugar contents like cakes, pastries, donuts, ice creams for the time being and do avoid sweets of any kind to keep the weight maintained.  Also, try to eat minimal amount of rice once in a week if you can’t say no to them. Always try to eat more fruits, salads and right amount of protein should be included in your diet as well. For vegetarians, you can eat curd, have milk, sprouts, soya, raw paneer is good for health. Also, you can introduce protein supplements as protein also help to reduce weight as it helps you to maintain body muscles. 


Last but not the least, never ever give up in life. You can always do it if you make your mind to do things in life. Nothing is impossible or impossible is nothing. So just carry on, keep doing your regular stuff and always have patience. Sometimes you won’t see the result so early, thus keep waiting, keep working hard and just move on. Once you’re able to understand your own potential, nothing is impossible to achieve in this world. 


And above quote says it all. That’s all you need to move on in life and do the hard work. Train your body and mind, rest will come with ease. Always remember 3 D’s of life which will help you to achieve anything and those are, Dedication, Devotion and Discipline. Always be the person who inspires people and final thing,

“People will never love you for what you do until you achieve it and shut their mouth. Let your actions decide their words”.

Are we alone or loneliness is such an awesome thing that we can’t quit? ☺☺☺


As we grow up in life, we tend to seek freedom for ourselves in form of privacy and righteousness of doing things. We want to be alone while we grow up into adults and with age, this process of separation goes on. We want to be alone at various points of life like when we are very angry with someone or we are sad about something which gave us the push back. But do we find that lonely time addictive or do we tend to become lonely so that we might find people around us giving extra attention than what we need. We all know the answers but we never accept the righteousness of our mind and soul because we give up on where our heart belongs. Most of us take decisions depending on emotions, including me as well. But keeping your emotions as priority for your decision might land you to nowhere.


Loneliness is something which makes you crazy as it’s a solitary confinement but not for your body, but for your heart and soul. Stronger your emotions are, loneliness becomes more addictive. As you start to move away from people because you cling onto your emotions no matter, loneliness becomes a friend in need for you. Also, sometimes you might find loneliness is awesome because it also makes you less vulnerable in this world. But remember that, to carry on the wheels in this world you need another soul. We find or seek various reasons to be lonely but is it the right one? Are you sure that the reason you have chosen would prove to be the right one? We can only think what’s best for us but we always need a second opinion. People start to lose themselves when they aren’t recognized or appreciated by the people around them. Most of us want to lonely because of the emotional conflict, that emotional burst we carry inside us. We don’t allow people to know what’s wrong with us and we pretend they would understand eventually. 


It’s not like that I am different from those people. But it feels I have already surpassed the stage where it feels like I have emotions or something like that. I do have feelings for people without whom my life is just an empty shell. But apart from those, for whom I should carry the burden of emotions? Answer is no one. You shouldn’t burden your soul with emotions you can’t carry. You should let it go. You should let it flow like autumn and spring, where old leaves fall away and new ones take their place. In life emotions and memories should be like those leaves, new ones replacing the old ones. But you know, it’s so hard to erase or replace few memories or emotions as you are always clinging to those. No matter how hard it might be, but some people just come in life and take places in our heart as home to never leave away and sometimes you want to meet those people, but how? Loneliness is the answer. You want everything empty to be able to meet those people and talk again. But that path is dangerous like a cliffhanger, you might climb up but if you’re weak, you might fall down. 


Somewhere I read, Loneliness is awesome if only I know how to quit it. So just remember that be lonely but never be addictive that it becomes a drug.


Somewhere sitting in a room full of people, he screamed, get away from me. I am done with you all. But nobody realized that he was talking to him. Loneliness does that people, so just remember who you’re and choose the right reason to be lonely. 

~ Blessedwithsins 🙂

Marriage : Is it the question or is it the answer?

Marriage, always a first thought in parents mind as you’re settled enough to start a new journey. But sometimes you aren’t mentally prepared or maybe you aren’t willing to get married because so many questions are going through your mind. I don’t know about others but marriage somehow always felt like an unwanted decision, an unwanted answer of a question never asked to you. Marriage is another journey of your questions from society in this world and yet you have to give the answers. As far as i have seen, this world feels like a felony of broken dreams and forced decisions in the form of marriage. I always wondered why marriage has to be a decision which needs to be taken by your parents rather than you? I know that our parents have every single right to take a decision in our life but does marriage has to be one of them? Marriage isn’t a journey of 2 people or 2 souls but it’s always a tale of 2 souls and their families bonded with the sacredness of marriage. 


It’s not like that i am afraid of marriage or i am running away from it but somehow marriage doesn’t compel me in a way it should. It doesn’t feel like a bond with which i need to submerge myself. It feels like dragging one’s soul into an unknown world and let that world be another fantasy journey of never ending tales. More i see the world around me, more depress i feel as feelings, love and emotions are just being toyed with unknown intimacy and sudden desires which would never cease no matter if you’re married or not. Aftermath of every relationship is another complicated relationship with your emotions and thoughts, but moreover it’s the thought process which never seems to be in sync with your mind and heart. 

Exciting Hindu Miyaan wedding tradition with turmeric and flower

Life is always a journey of never ending questions, for some we get the answers, for some we are the answers ourselves. But have you ever asked question from yourself that why you want to get married? What’s the purpose behind it or why you want to spend your life with someone you don’t know? Why you want to walk the path on which you never step a foot yet you are forced to or maybe willingly want to start a journey of thousand miles? All these questions hurling in your mind never start to cease as more you grow, more inquisitive your mind becomes, more restless your soul tend to be. Some of us might find it a happy journey to fulfill dreams of our parents or maybe dreams of their own as for them marriage might be a new start to their life or maybe a boost for their existing life, who knows, all those are just assumptions of my mind or maybe those are the truths of life.


Sometimes most of us wish for a partner or someone with whom we can share ups and downs of life but do we really need to get married for it? We all have our own preferences, choices, decisions about the life we want to live or we think about living but why it should be with someone and just for that sake why we need to get married? All those questions just keep coming like an untold storm and scatter your soul like unwanted journeys from your heart to your mind and vice-versa. Contradiction between heart and mind just tear you apart as you’re stuck in loopholes of life and what’s leave you into dilemma are the questions which can be answered by you only. There isn’t going to be anyone who might clear those doubts but you would be the only one coming up with an answer, an analogy to solve all the equations of your life regarding marriage, an answer to your never ending queries and questions, a journey from start to end and it’s an ecstasy once you find the answer. But who knows all the answers, am i the one who would be answering all the questions life throws at me? I don’t think so because for some answers, you’ve to wait until you think you’ve the answer yet it’s always a two-way road to destination. 


Someone once told me when i asked them why one should get married, only reason you should get married is because when you’ve grown old, you won’t be having anyone around to share your troubles or happiness. You won’t find anyone to talk with you and sometimes that loneliness is longer than you can imagine. So once you’re married and you’ve grown old, you’ve someone to talk, you’ve someone who will take care of you in your bad times, you’ve your kids around which will give you happiness of a lifetime. So whenever thoughts of marriage screw with your mind, always think about it and somewhere i read,

“The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about. ~ Bruce Forsyth”