Marriage : Is it the question or is it the answer?

Marriage, always a first thought in parents mind as you’re settled enough to start a new journey. But sometimes you aren’t mentally prepared or maybe you aren’t willing to get married because so many questions are going through your mind. I don’t know about others but marriage somehow always felt like an unwanted decision, an unwanted answer of a question never asked to you. Marriage is another journey of your questions from society in this world and yet you have to give the answers. As far as i have seen, this world feels like a felony of broken dreams and forced decisions in the form of marriage. I always wondered why marriage has to be a decision which needs to be taken by your parents rather than you? I know that our parents have every single right to take a decision in our life but does marriage has to be one of them? Marriage isn’t a journey of 2 people or 2 souls but it’s always a tale of 2 souls and their families bonded with the sacredness of marriage. 


It’s not like that i am afraid of marriage or i am running away from it but somehow marriage doesn’t compel me in a way it should. It doesn’t feel like a bond with which i need to submerge myself. It feels like dragging one’s soul into an unknown world and let that world be another fantasy journey of never ending tales. More i see the world around me, more depress i feel as feelings, love and emotions are just being toyed with unknown intimacy and sudden desires which would never cease no matter if you’re married or not. Aftermath of every relationship is another complicated relationship with your emotions and thoughts, but moreover it’s the thought process which never seems to be in sync with your mind and heart. 

Exciting Hindu Miyaan wedding tradition with turmeric and flower

Life is always a journey of never ending questions, for some we get the answers, for some we are the answers ourselves. But have you ever asked question from yourself that why you want to get married? What’s the purpose behind it or why you want to spend your life with someone you don’t know? Why you want to walk the path on which you never step a foot yet you are forced to or maybe willingly want to start a journey of thousand miles? All these questions hurling in your mind never start to cease as more you grow, more inquisitive your mind becomes, more restless your soul tend to be. Some of us might find it a happy journey to fulfill dreams of our parents or maybe dreams of their own as for them marriage might be a new start to their life or maybe a boost for their existing life, who knows, all those are just assumptions of my mind or maybe those are the truths of life.


Sometimes most of us wish for a partner or someone with whom we can share ups and downs of life but do we really need to get married for it? We all have our own preferences, choices, decisions about the life we want to live or we think about living but why it should be with someone and just for that sake why we need to get married? All those questions just keep coming like an untold storm and scatter your soul like unwanted journeys from your heart to your mind and vice-versa. Contradiction between heart and mind just tear you apart as you’re stuck in loopholes of life and what’s leave you into dilemma are the questions which can be answered by you only. There isn’t going to be anyone who might clear those doubts but you would be the only one coming up with an answer, an analogy to solve all the equations of your life regarding marriage, an answer to your never ending queries and questions, a journey from start to end and it’s an ecstasy once you find the answer. But who knows all the answers, am i the one who would be answering all the questions life throws at me? I don’t think so because for some answers, you’ve to wait until you think you’ve the answer yet it’s always a two-way road to destination. 


Someone once told me when i asked them why one should get married, only reason you should get married is because when you’ve grown old, you won’t be having anyone around to share your troubles or happiness. You won’t find anyone to talk with you and sometimes that loneliness is longer than you can imagine. So once you’re married and you’ve grown old, you’ve someone to talk, you’ve someone who will take care of you in your bad times, you’ve your kids around which will give you happiness of a lifetime. So whenever thoughts of marriage screw with your mind, always think about it and somewhere i read,

“The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about. ~ Bruce Forsyth”



Lord Hanuman : A story of devotion & faith :):):)

People might think why i choose to write on a topic as vast as his name “Lord Hanuman”, called the mightiest one, savior of man kind from all the troubles and his name is enough to enlighten your world. For me, he is more than just a God or a deity, for me he is more like part of my soul. Over the years in my journey of life i have realized that all you need to have is little faith in what you do and that faith changes the way you see the world. That faith might be your parents have in you or you have in someone whom you find it worthy of your life. But faith in a deity or God is a different chapter. It’s not an easy river to cross or not an easy ocean to sail, because as you start your journey it’s going to be full of hardships you need to overcome and sometimes those difficulties break you into pieces that you might start to lose your faith.


To be frank, my journey wasn’t something special as it all started in year 2001. I were just a fourteen years old kid and wasn’t so religious as well. Although i used to pray on various occasions as my mother used to scold me for not being good enough to thank Gods for giving us everything to live happily and prosperously. One day i was sitting with my mother and she was telling me the stories of different Gods & Goddesses from Indian mythology. Since my childhood i found mythology very fascinating as Gods & Goddesses were described in different ways with different incarnations for doing various kinds of acts such as either to kill a demon or “Asura”, or to be born as Human “Lord Rama”. That day my mother asked me why didn’t you start fasting for one day in a week and i were like why should i do that. Mother told me that you didn’t need to be hungry for all day and you can eat food at one time, it could be either day time or in evening. I told her okay but i would fast on Monday as i could eat salt on Monday when i would have food at one time, then she said, better to go with Tuesday as you’re a bachelor and Lord Hanuman has powers beyond imagination. And since than, i started fasting on Tuesday and still doing since 9th January 2001. 


Initially fasting on every Tuesday felt were tiring as i could eat only one time and i used to eat by end of the day. But as i grew up, things started to change. Everything about Lord Hanuman left me mesmerizing every time i recited his name or chant Hanuman Chalisa. More stories i heard about him, my faith would just go stronger. His stories felt like you’re not alone in this world and you just need to have faith to find him in your heart and soul. As years went like blink of an eye, my faith and devotion for Lord Hanuman grew stronger and stronger. But year 2007 was something which made my faith so strong that since then, i never saw back. I just carry my devotion and faith for him.


You know when you have faith in him, he knows about it and by the time you realize things, you will find him standing next to you. He is always watching you, always there with you, his hands are always on your head just for blessings. You can find him laughing and crying with you. You can have conversations with him like a friend and he would listen patiently.  I don’t know about others but i know, he is alive because watching him with my own eyes, even if it’s in dreams but your heart, mind and soul knows that he is alive. I have seen him numerous times in my dreams and it’s not a coincidence. All my life is for him and him only and i can’t even imagine my life without his blessings. He is someone in whom i have faith of my life, my journey of life began and will end with his name, his name is my nectar for life and what i have as my gift is his blessings. 


My life without him is just meaningless. I don’t have an existence without him and my world without him is just a place full of darkness, feels like ocean abyss. There is nothing more you would want in life rather than to be blessed by him. His blessings are what you need to find your soul and make peace with it. His blessings are the hope which your life needs in your tough times. Sometimes when you are having conversation with him, it feels like you’re looking at your own soul and it’s your soul which is helping you to understand what you want from life.


For me, he isn’t only a God or Deity, for me he is more like everything i can think of. He is the father of my dreams, mentor of my goals, friend of my life, mother in my troubled times and more than anything, he is a God who is as simple as my soul. Hope one day i could hug him in real and say thanks for always being there in my good and bad times. I know that you’re always watching from high above or maybe you’re just behind me and watching me over the years but life couldn’t be so easy without your blessings. 


“My mother once told me that when you can see the Gods crying and laughing with yourself, your prayers are worthy of your soul”.


#जयश्रीराम #जयहनुमान  :):):)

Traveling ~ Not for body, but for heart and soul 😇😇😇

In my recent stay away from home what i have learned about life is much more than being caged into boundaries. These boundaries don’t cage your body but they cage your heart and soul. They cut your wings of desire and freedom. They just suffocate you to the limit where giving up seems the only solution available. But coming far away from home gave me enough freedom to break away those boundaries and be a free soul of my desires. These desires are not physical but what they want is a piece of peace, for mind, heart and soul.


Also as i started solo traveling few years back but it wasn’t frequent but somehow it allowed me to enjoy myself in an enriching way to tell the stories which world can hear. It all started with trips in Dehradun, Haridwar, Jaipur, Mehndipur and by the time it became an addiction, it was something more mesmerizing. Setting on to the roads through which you never came across, unseen places which hold mystery and seem like beauty from another world and most of all, the ability to communicate with yourself just keeps you indulged in that journey of dreams and folk tales.


You go to places which might be hard to climb or might be tougher to reach but never give up, just keep your soul awake, just ask your heart that question, do you want to give up on your dreams? That one question every time changes the way you see life but everyone is not so strong, neither am i. We are humans and we are meant to be broken by the conditions which make us weak and miserable. But who knows when you might be getting that another chance to live your dream, live your life as you want not the way world wants it.


Surrounding with places as peaceful as mother’s lullaby, only thing which can be achieved is serenity. Places which make your heart go jump like a kid, leaves goosebumps like an adventure, put your mind to peace and your soul dances to the rhythms of life you’re living. You’re living your unsaid dreams which you whispered to your soul, ecstasy of those dreams is felt by mind and your heart keeps memoirs of them. Sometimes everything comes as an ocean wave and scatters everything what you’ve dreamt of, but those ocean waves also allow our journeys to be remembered for forever.


Sometimes it feels like dancing in the rain with your soul but no one’s watching. Your only consciousness is what you’re living. In those moments you create memories which are carved onto your heart and relived through your soul. As someone told me, “Journeys are meant to be scary but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one.” As life teaches various aspects as we travel to different places in this beautiful world, just remember that you’re another soul which will dance on the rhythms of life you’re going to create.


Let’s go to the journeys which make you excited as a kid again. Let’s go to the places where you find yourself and only thing which matter is your dreams to follow. Let’s go to the places where you can find solitude, but solitude for your soul to be with yourself. Let’s go to the places where your soul dances with your heartbeats and your mind.

“It’s not difficult to travel alone but being alone in a journey is what makes life difficult.”

Amen :):):)

Himayalas ~ Folk tales of journeys and dreams :):)

When you hear it for the first time, the word Himalayas take you to another world. An image of mountains covered with snow, water streams as white as milk, forests so green that it feels like spring and winds scattered like leaves in autumn makes an impression in your mind. Sudden happiness comes on your face and all you can think about to pack your bags and let’s go on a trip of a lifetime. Although i never got the chance or courage to start that journey but what i have heard from people around me just leave me mesmerizing. Everything they told me about Himalayas and their journey to the mountains i have only dreamt or have in my imagination, it feels like a folk tale of my dreams coming alive. 


As someone told me that “Mountains are the real nirvana in life. All you need is to start a journey.” But you have to be courageous to start those journeys. You have to ask questions from yourself, are you ready now? Are you ready to start those journeys? Are you ready to travel alone as fascination of your dreams just keep growing? It’s always tough to start a journey alone but once you take the right decision to move, you’re never going to regret it because solo journeys change you into a different person. A person who is courageous, who is less reluctant about decision and difficulties, who is free from all the worries and most important, he/she becomes so confident that nothing seems impossible to him/her. 


All those folk tales seem never ending when people tell me stories about their journeys to different parts of Himalayas or you can journeys to a different world. A world which is so apart that you never want to come back. A world where you want to sit on a mountain cliff and look at another world which is full of greed, sorrows, pain, apathy and ignorance. A world where you want to lie down on grass and gaze at the stars. A world where you want to flow with water streams that makes your pain go numb. A world where you want to sit on a mountain’s peak and look at another world, look over the lost souls, hear the silent cries and pray that another world might find it’s happiness someday. 


Journeys to Himalayas are like meditation, once you’re indulged with it, they are like addictions. Just the dreams of being into Himalayas give me goosebumps and sometimes i am really jealous of people who are courageous enough to start their journeys to live a dream of lifetime. As you hear the word Himalayas, an image of Lord Shiva with her wife Goddess Parvati will come into your mind as Himalayas is said to be the home of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva who is also called as “Bholenath”, “Neelkanth” or “Jatadhari” has Himalayas as his home. As we still hear stories of him roaming in various parts of Himalayas as it’s his home and have sacred value for Hindus. Lord Shiva is often said to be a person who roams around freely in the Kailash even today and often do meditation in various parts of Himalayas.  


Folk tales about Himalayas seem like stories from dream world and a part of fairy tales but this world apart from our world do exists. This world which consists Himalayas is an enriching tale of peace, mediation, spirituality and you becoming one with your self. This world allows you to become one with your soul as you’re lost to something which feels like heaven. You fall in love with mountain peaks covered in snow, music coming from sound of flowing water streams seems like another ecstasy. You fall in love with the peace and serenity this world gives you. You fall in love with the world where winds sing a song for your soul. You fall in love with the world where all you can find is yourself in surroundings and you’re never alone.


Let’s go on a journey to this world which exists within our own. Let’s go on a journey of dreams and let the folk tales be created. Let’s go to find ourselves within surroundings where we’re never alone. Let’s go.

“The mountains were so wild and so stark and so very beautiful that I wanted to cry. I breathed in another wonderful moment to keep safe in my heart.” ~ Jane Wilson-Howarth

Dedicated to one of friend and his immense love for Himalayas as his name has in it. Thanks for all the stories and your beautiful way of telling enriching tales of Himalayas will always be a motivation for me. Thank you for enlightening me with dreams which needs to be fulfilled. Thank you Himanshu Wadia for being there with me and we have came afar in our short journey called Friendship.

Amen :):):)