Lord Hanuman : A story of devotion & faith :):):)

People might think why i choose to write on a topic as vast as his name “Lord Hanuman”, called the mightiest one, savior of man kind from all the troubles and his name is enough to enlighten your world. For me, he is more than just a God or a deity, for me he is more like part of my soul. Over the years in my journey of life i have realized that all you need to have is little faith in what you do and that faith changes the way you see the world. That faith might be your parents have in you or you have in someone whom you find it worthy of your life. But faith in a deity or God is a different chapter. It’s not an easy river to cross or not an easy ocean to sail, because as you start your journey it’s going to be full of hardships you need to overcome and sometimes those difficulties break you into pieces that you might start to lose your faith.


To be frank, my journey wasn’t something special as it all started in year 2001. I were just a fourteen years old kid and wasn’t so religious as well. Although i used to pray on various occasions as my mother used to scold me for not being good enough to thank Gods for giving us everything to live happily and prosperously. One day i was sitting with my mother and she was telling me the stories of different Gods & Goddesses from Indian mythology. Since my childhood i found mythology very fascinating as Gods & Goddesses were described in different ways with different incarnations for doing various kinds of acts such as either to kill a demon or “Asura”, or to be born as Human “Lord Rama”. That day my mother asked me why didn’t you start fasting for one day in a week and i were like why should i do that. Mother told me that you didn’t need to be hungry for all day and you can eat food at one time, it could be either day time or in evening. I told her okay but i would fast on Monday as i could eat salt on Monday when i would have food at one time, then she said, better to go with Tuesday as you’re a bachelor and Lord Hanuman has powers beyond imagination. And since than, i started fasting on Tuesday and still doing since 9th January 2001. 


Initially fasting on every Tuesday felt were tiring as i could eat only one time and i used to eat by end of the day. But as i grew up, things started to change. Everything about Lord Hanuman left me mesmerizing every time i recited his name or chant Hanuman Chalisa. More stories i heard about him, my faith would just go stronger. His stories felt like you’re not alone in this world and you just need to have faith to find him in your heart and soul. As years went like blink of an eye, my faith and devotion for Lord Hanuman grew stronger and stronger. But year 2007 was something which made my faith so strong that since then, i never saw back. I just carry my devotion and faith for him.


You know when you have faith in him, he knows about it and by the time you realize things, you will find him standing next to you. He is always watching you, always there with you, his hands are always on your head just for blessings. You can find him laughing and crying with you. You can have conversations with him like a friend and he would listen patiently.  I don’t know about others but i know, he is alive because watching him with my own eyes, even if it’s in dreams but your heart, mind and soul knows that he is alive. I have seen him numerous times in my dreams and it’s not a coincidence. All my life is for him and him only and i can’t even imagine my life without his blessings. He is someone in whom i have faith of my life, my journey of life began and will end with his name, his name is my nectar for life and what i have as my gift is his blessings. 


My life without him is just meaningless. I don’t have an existence without him and my world without him is just a place full of darkness, feels like ocean abyss. There is nothing more you would want in life rather than to be blessed by him. His blessings are what you need to find your soul and make peace with it. His blessings are the hope which your life needs in your tough times. Sometimes when you are having conversation with him, it feels like you’re looking at your own soul and it’s your soul which is helping you to understand what you want from life.


For me, he isn’t only a God or Deity, for me he is more like everything i can think of. He is the father of my dreams, mentor of my goals, friend of my life, mother in my troubled times and more than anything, he is a God who is as simple as my soul. Hope one day i could hug him in real and say thanks for always being there in my good and bad times. I know that you’re always watching from high above or maybe you’re just behind me and watching me over the years but life couldn’t be so easy without your blessings. 


“My mother once told me that when you can see the Gods crying and laughing with yourself, your prayers are worthy of your soul”.


#जयश्रीराम #जयहनुमान  :):):)


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