Are we alone or loneliness is such an awesome thing that we can’t quit? ☺☺☺


As we grow up in life, we tend to seek freedom for ourselves in form of privacy and righteousness of doing things. We want to be alone while we grow up into adults and with age, this process of separation goes on. We want to be alone at various points of life like when we are very angry with someone or we are sad about something which gave us the push back. But do we find that lonely time addictive or do we tend to become lonely so that we might find people around us giving extra attention than what we need. We all know the answers but we never accept the righteousness of our mind and soul because we give up on where our heart belongs. Most of us take decisions depending on emotions, including me as well. But keeping your emotions as priority for your decision might land you to nowhere.


Loneliness is something which makes you crazy as it’s a solitary confinement but not for your body, but for your heart and soul. Stronger your emotions are, loneliness becomes more addictive. As you start to move away from people because you cling onto your emotions no matter, loneliness becomes a friend in need for you. Also, sometimes you might find loneliness is awesome because it also makes you less vulnerable in this world. But remember that, to carry on the wheels in this world you need another soul. We find or seek various reasons to be lonely but is it the right one? Are you sure that the reason you have chosen would prove to be the right one? We can only think what’s best for us but we always need a second opinion. People start to lose themselves when they aren’t recognized or appreciated by the people around them. Most of us want to lonely because of the emotional conflict, that emotional burst we carry inside us. We don’t allow people to know what’s wrong with us and we pretend they would understand eventually. 


It’s not like that I am different from those people. But it feels I have already surpassed the stage where it feels like I have emotions or something like that. I do have feelings for people without whom my life is just an empty shell. But apart from those, for whom I should carry the burden of emotions? Answer is no one. You shouldn’t burden your soul with emotions you can’t carry. You should let it go. You should let it flow like autumn and spring, where old leaves fall away and new ones take their place. In life emotions and memories should be like those leaves, new ones replacing the old ones. But you know, it’s so hard to erase or replace few memories or emotions as you are always clinging to those. No matter how hard it might be, but some people just come in life and take places in our heart as home to never leave away and sometimes you want to meet those people, but how? Loneliness is the answer. You want everything empty to be able to meet those people and talk again. But that path is dangerous like a cliffhanger, you might climb up but if you’re weak, you might fall down. 


Somewhere I read, Loneliness is awesome if only I know how to quit it. So just remember that be lonely but never be addictive that it becomes a drug.


Somewhere sitting in a room full of people, he screamed, get away from me. I am done with you all. But nobody realized that he was talking to him. Loneliness does that people, so just remember who you’re and choose the right reason to be lonely. 

~ Blessedwithsins 🙂


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