Marriage : Is it the question or is it the answer?

Marriage, always a first thought in parents mind as you’re settled enough to start a new journey. But sometimes you aren’t mentally prepared or maybe you aren’t willing to get married because so many questions are going through your mind. I don’t know about others but marriage somehow always felt like an unwanted decision, an unwanted answer of a question never asked to you. Marriage is another journey of your questions from society in this world and yet you have to give the answers. As far as i have seen, this world feels like a felony of broken dreams and forced decisions in the form of marriage. I always wondered why marriage has to be a decision which needs to be taken by your parents rather than you? I know that our parents have every single right to take a decision in our life but does marriage has to be one of them? Marriage isn’t a journey of 2 people or 2 souls but it’s always a tale of 2 souls and their families bonded with the sacredness of marriage. 


It’s not like that i am afraid of marriage or i am running away from it but somehow marriage doesn’t compel me in a way it should. It doesn’t feel like a bond with which i need to submerge myself. It feels like dragging one’s soul into an unknown world and let that world be another fantasy journey of never ending tales. More i see the world around me, more depress i feel as feelings, love and emotions are just being toyed with unknown intimacy and sudden desires which would never cease no matter if you’re married or not. Aftermath of every relationship is another complicated relationship with your emotions and thoughts, but moreover it’s the thought process which never seems to be in sync with your mind and heart. 

Exciting Hindu Miyaan wedding tradition with turmeric and flower

Life is always a journey of never ending questions, for some we get the answers, for some we are the answers ourselves. But have you ever asked question from yourself that why you want to get married? What’s the purpose behind it or why you want to spend your life with someone you don’t know? Why you want to walk the path on which you never step a foot yet you are forced to or maybe willingly want to start a journey of thousand miles? All these questions hurling in your mind never start to cease as more you grow, more inquisitive your mind becomes, more restless your soul tend to be. Some of us might find it a happy journey to fulfill dreams of our parents or maybe dreams of their own as for them marriage might be a new start to their life or maybe a boost for their existing life, who knows, all those are just assumptions of my mind or maybe those are the truths of life.


Sometimes most of us wish for a partner or someone with whom we can share ups and downs of life but do we really need to get married for it? We all have our own preferences, choices, decisions about the life we want to live or we think about living but why it should be with someone and just for that sake why we need to get married? All those questions just keep coming like an untold storm and scatter your soul like unwanted journeys from your heart to your mind and vice-versa. Contradiction between heart and mind just tear you apart as you’re stuck in loopholes of life and what’s leave you into dilemma are the questions which can be answered by you only. There isn’t going to be anyone who might clear those doubts but you would be the only one coming up with an answer, an analogy to solve all the equations of your life regarding marriage, an answer to your never ending queries and questions, a journey from start to end and it’s an ecstasy once you find the answer. But who knows all the answers, am i the one who would be answering all the questions life throws at me? I don’t think so because for some answers, you’ve to wait until you think you’ve the answer yet it’s always a two-way road to destination. 


Someone once told me when i asked them why one should get married, only reason you should get married is because when you’ve grown old, you won’t be having anyone around to share your troubles or happiness. You won’t find anyone to talk with you and sometimes that loneliness is longer than you can imagine. So once you’re married and you’ve grown old, you’ve someone to talk, you’ve someone who will take care of you in your bad times, you’ve your kids around which will give you happiness of a lifetime. So whenever thoughts of marriage screw with your mind, always think about it and somewhere i read,

“The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about. ~ Bruce Forsyth”



2 thoughts on “Marriage : Is it the question or is it the answer?

  1. Get married bhai.. You will get all the answers or won’t ask such questions again.. 🙂 🙂

    It’s always nice to read your posts.
    This one is also Nicely written.. Keep it Up !!

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