Traveling ~ Not for body, but for heart and soul πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

In my recent stay away from home what i have learned about life is much more than being caged into boundaries. These boundaries don’t cage your body but they cage your heart and soul. They cut your wings of desire and freedom. They just suffocate you to the limit where giving up seems the only solution available. But coming far away from home gave me enough freedom to break away those boundaries and be a free soul of my desires. These desires are not physical but what they want is a piece of peace, for mind, heart and soul.


Also as i started solo traveling few years back but it wasn’t frequent but somehow it allowed me to enjoy myself in an enriching way to tell the stories which world can hear. It all started with trips in Dehradun, Haridwar, Jaipur, Mehndipur and by the time it became an addiction, it was something more mesmerizing. Setting on to the roads through which you never came across, unseen places which hold mystery and seem like beauty from another world and most of all, the ability to communicate with yourself just keeps you indulged in that journey of dreams and folk tales.


You go to places which might be hard to climb or might be tougher to reach but never give up, just keep your soul awake, just ask your heart that question, do you want to give up on your dreams? That one question every time changes the way you see life but everyone is not so strong, neither am i. We are humans and we are meant to be broken by the conditions which make us weak and miserable. But who knows when you might be getting that another chance to live your dream, live your life as you want not the way world wants it.


Surrounding with places as peaceful as mother’s lullaby, only thing which can be achieved is serenity. Places which make your heart go jump like a kid, leaves goosebumps like an adventure, put your mind to peace and your soul dances to the rhythms of life you’re living. You’re living your unsaid dreams which you whispered to your soul, ecstasy of those dreams is felt by mind and your heart keeps memoirs of them. Sometimes everything comes as an ocean wave and scatters everything what you’ve dreamt of, but those ocean waves also allow our journeys to be remembered for forever.


Sometimes it feels like dancing in the rain with your soul but no one’s watching. Your only consciousness is what you’re living. In those moments you create memories which are carved onto your heart and relived through your soul. As someone told me, “Journeys are meant to be scary but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t startΒ one.” As life teaches various aspects as we travel to different places in this beautiful world, just remember that you’re another soul which will dance on the rhythmsΒ of life you’re going to create.


Let’s go to the journeys which make you excited as a kid again. Let’s go to the places where you find yourself and only thing which matter is your dreams to follow. Let’s go to the places where you can find solitude, but solitude for your soul to be with yourself. Let’s go to the places where your soul dances with your heartbeats and your mind.

“It’s not difficult to travel alone but being alone in a journey is what makes life difficult.”

Amen :):):)


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