Himayalas ~ Folk tales of journeys and dreams :):)

When you hear it for the first time, the word Himalayas take you to another world. An image of mountains covered with snow, water streams as white as milk, forests so green that it feels like spring and winds scattered like leaves in autumn makes an impression in your mind. Sudden happiness comes on your face and all you can think about to pack your bags and let’s go on a trip of a lifetime. Although i never got the chance or courage to start that journey but what i have heard from people around me just leave me mesmerizing. Everything they told me about Himalayas and their journey to the mountains i have only dreamt or have in my imagination, it feels like a folk tale of my dreams coming alive. 


As someone told me that “Mountains are the real nirvana in life. All you need is to start a journey.” But you have to be courageous to start those journeys. You have to ask questions from yourself, are you ready now? Are you ready to start those journeys? Are you ready to travel alone as fascination of your dreams just keep growing? It’s always tough to start a journey alone but once you take the right decision to move, you’re never going to regret it because solo journeys change you into a different person. A person who is courageous, who is less reluctant about decision and difficulties, who is free from all the worries and most important, he/she becomes so confident that nothing seems impossible to him/her. 


All those folk tales seem never ending when people tell me stories about their journeys to different parts of Himalayas or you can journeys to a different world. A world which is so apart that you never want to come back. A world where you want to sit on a mountain cliff and look at another world which is full of greed, sorrows, pain, apathy and ignorance. A world where you want to lie down on grass and gaze at the stars. A world where you want to flow with water streams that makes your pain go numb. A world where you want to sit on a mountain’s peak and look at another world, look over the lost souls, hear the silent cries and pray that another world might find it’s happiness someday. 


Journeys to Himalayas are like meditation, once you’re indulged with it, they are like addictions. Just the dreams of being into Himalayas give me goosebumps and sometimes i am really jealous of people who are courageous enough to start their journeys to live a dream of lifetime. As you hear the word Himalayas, an image of Lord Shiva with her wife Goddess Parvati will come into your mind as Himalayas is said to be the home of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva who is also called as “Bholenath”, “Neelkanth” or “Jatadhari” has Himalayas as his home. As we still hear stories of him roaming in various parts of Himalayas as it’s his home and have sacred value for Hindus. Lord Shiva is often said to be a person who roams around freely in the Kailash even today and often do meditation in various parts of Himalayas.  


Folk tales about Himalayas seem like stories from dream world and a part of fairy tales but this world apart from our world do exists. This world which consists Himalayas is an enriching tale of peace, mediation, spirituality and you becoming one with your self. This world allows you to become one with your soul as you’re lost to something which feels like heaven. You fall in love with mountain peaks covered in snow, music coming from sound of flowing water streams seems like another ecstasy. You fall in love with the peace and serenity this world gives you. You fall in love with the world where winds sing a song for your soul. You fall in love with the world where all you can find is yourself in surroundings and you’re never alone.


Let’s go on a journey to this world which exists within our own. Let’s go on a journey of dreams and let the folk tales be created. Let’s go to find ourselves within surroundings where we’re never alone. Let’s go.

“The mountains were so wild and so stark and so very beautiful that I wanted to cry. I breathed in another wonderful moment to keep safe in my heart.” ~ Jane Wilson-Howarth

Dedicated to one of friend and his immense love for Himalayas as his name has in it. Thanks for all the stories and your beautiful way of telling enriching tales of Himalayas will always be a motivation for me. Thank you for enlightening me with dreams which needs to be fulfilled. Thank you Himanshu Wadia for being there with me and we have came afar in our short journey called Friendship.

Amen :):):)








2 thoughts on “Himayalas ~ Folk tales of journeys and dreams :):)

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