A journey from room of memories to room for memories

We all are part of this journey called life where we create some memories and some memories create us. But as we grow, we look forward for new things in life and we create new memories by molding the old ones like wrappers into our memory bucket. But best thing about memories is they are not replaceable like materialistic things in this world. Once a memory has been created, it stays with you until you die.


Also as we move on in life, we create new memories every day every second. We remember some, we forget some and some just cling like a heartache to the soul. Those memories are either part of your joyful days or your sad past. More you want to erase them, more strongly they will cling to your soul. It’s more like a habit that you want to give up but in the end it just consumes you like anything.


Some of the best memories you create in your lifetime are from childhood when you live freely without giving a second thought about this world. But as we grow up, our thought process isn’t the same and our mind becomes a paradox of our memories. Those memories recites your pain and sometimes pain recites those memories. Beauty of memories lies within the moments it scatters in front of us and make us realize that we did some great, awful, adventurous, kind things in life.


My best memories were the ones which i kept in a jar somewhere in the corner of mind so that they don’t pop up anytime and give me surprise. Now, you would ask why in the jar? Why to lock away the happy, joyful memories? I didn’t imprisoned them but you know, in order to create new memories you need to forget the old ones. As world is changing, so are you, than how you are going to create new memories with a past living in it. Maybe happy or sad, these memories make a world of your own. Sometimes all you want to do is to swim in that world of memories and never come out. But life isn’t all about being happy neither being sad all the time.


So always keep creating memories while emptying the old ones. Until you have room for old ones, new ones will slip away like sand from your hand. Room full of old memories need to be vacant so that new ones will find their place. Your mind is a gift but you know sometimes gifts make us vulnerable. They find what’s missing in our heart, body and soul and wreck us from within.

So always keep your room of memories vacant so that people who come in your life can create new memories with you, for you.

Amen :):):)



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