Traveling : In search of his soul

He was traveling again, trying to runaway from his day to day life. As he always used to say, life spent in memories of past is a life wasted. Thus he thought of traveling again, allowing him to stay away from his past and refresh his mind by clearing all vague thoughts. Traveling always left him mesmerizing because he always found true happiness in form of mother nature.


Nothing excites him like new places, either it be a mountain valley or a roadside walk with mother nature. He just kept looking for answers he couldn’t find from people. He was searching for answers of life which left him midst of nowhere. He couldn’t decide where he wanted to go or whether even he wanted to start a journey called love. But you don’t have control over things in life. Sometimes you just go on with what’s happening in life and at one point you just want to give up. He already passed that point but he didn’t give up and instead of everything, he started a new journey by carrying all the burdens of past with himself. Although initially it wasn’t as he planned but he overcame every odd of life. He started to learn clues which life kept leaving at some point but he couldn’t grasp earlier. He was becoming one with his soul. He was becoming more spiritual which allowed him to have conversations with himself and God. More answers he found through traveling to different places, more he was going away from materialistic world. He was able to find serenity within his mind and heart as he was becoming one with his soul.


Traveling became his life, allowing him to leave his bag of memories behind;baggage which he never wanted to carry, baggage which was once his life in every essence. Somewhere between all those kisses and whispers with love of his life, he found everything. But life isn’t as simple as it seems. It took away everything from him in a second and his love was no more in this world. He cried continuously for almost a week and then he decided to visit new places because old ones were like heartaches, always there, never out of sight. Journeys reminded him how lonely people are in this world but for him, he carried the baggage of his soul and her dreams. He was standing on the edge of a cliff like he wanted to jump and end his life, but he could do only one thing. He shouted for one last time, i miss you Aaina.



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