We are :):)


We are the dreams, we are the hopes.

We are the reality, we are the imaginations.

We are the philosophy, we are the truth.

We are the musings, we are the whispers.

We are the stories, we are the characters.

We are the saviors, we are the destroyers.

We are the friends, we are the foes.

We are the leaders, we are the followers.

We are the listeners, we are the speakers.

We are the memories, we are the forgotten.

We are the futurists, we are the past.

We are the roads, we are the destiny.

We are the serenity, we are the chaos.

We are the abyss, we are the mountain.

We are the theory, we are the proof.

We are the myths, we are the facts.

We are the agony, we are the felicity.

We are everything we could think about. We are what our decisions make us. We are what our choices make us.

We are humanity beyond everything yet we stumble upon other humans.

We are the warriors of life yet we fear what life  might throw upon us.

We are dreamers, thinkers, writers, storytellers, forgers, singers, realists or whatever we can be. We are the phase which changes everything once born.  

#Love #Desire #Life


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